Top 5 Classic Style Kitchens

Before we begin our list of classic kitchens, let us take a moment to go over what makes a kitchen “classic.”  A classic style kitchen tends to be simple, without too many fancy frills or expensive-looking designs with extra character. It’s important that the design of your classic styled kitchen is functional for you and does not hold too much unnecessary decoration, which may distract visitors from their desired purpose of using your kitchen space.

In this article, you will have the opportunity to see five examples of classically styled kitchens from all over the world. Each kitchen has been masterfully designed with high-quality materials and attention to detail in order to give maximum function, comfort, and beauty through its interior design.

1. Creamy or White Kitchen Cabinetry

The cabinetry in a classically styled kitchen tends to be white or cream-colored. Since these cabinets are not bright, bright colors of wood, it’s important that the door and drawer fronts have a shiny texture that reflects the light coming into your room. Additionally, a creamy or white color can help make the area feel more open and airy. This is because the cream cabinets can help reflect light and give a more open, airy feel to any classically styled kitchen design.

2. Simple but Visually Interesting Details

One of the most important aspects of a classically styled kitchen is that it does not look too simple or boring. In order to add some character and visual interest, think about adding in details.

3. Have White Marble Tops

Another important aspect of a classically styled kitchen is to have some sort of marble tops in the design. For example, you could have your kitchen countertops covered in different varieties of white marble. Not only does this look classy and elegant, but it also reflects light, helping to brighten up the room even more than cream-colored, white cabinets.

4. All-White Appliances

In order to have a more classical and elegant look in your kitchen, try going with all white appliances, including your refrigerator and stove. This will help create a sense of continuity throughout your kitchen space so that everything looks like it belongs together.

5. Have an Open Floor Plan

In a classically styled kitchen, it’s important to have an open floor plan so that the space feels more expansive and clean. In order to do this, make sure not to overcrowd your kitchen with too many cabinets or other decorations. If you want drawers for storage, consider going with a simple wood color but keep them sleek and simple in style.


In order to have a classically styled kitchen, follow these simple design guidelines. By keeping your design tasteful and classy instead of too modern or fancy, you can avoid any unnecessary distractions from this functional space.