Trending Modern Kitchens for 2022

Kitchen design trends are constantly changing. Designers, homeowners, and other industry professions are always attempting to make their designs the next big thing. Some of these modern kitchen designs may stick around for a while while others may just be a fad that goes out of style quickly. In this article, we will be discussing trending modern kitchens for 2022.

1. Black Appliances and Accents

You may not think of black as a popular color, but it is quickly becoming more and more mainstream. These black appliances bring the appliances into the design while still allowing the stainless steel to shine through.

2. Colorful Cabinetry

Cabinetry has long been a neutral color, but designers are quickly moving away from the beige and brown hues. Instead of traditional colors, these kitchen makeovers are using bright blue or green cabinets to help modernize their design.

3. Using Your Kitchen as the Dining Room

This trend is catching on because it solves two problems: not wanting to eat in front of the TV and constantly rearranging your small dining room (or lack thereof). By turning the kitchen into the dining area, you can avoid constantly moving furniture around.

4. Resourcefulness

Many homeowners are now designing their kitchens to be as efficient as possible. By doing this, they can save money and reduce clutter. For example, one design had all of the cooking equipment stored under the island countertop.

5. Expanding Living Spaces

Kitchens are no longer just for food preparation or eating. They have become a place where people socialize and lounge. In this example, the homeowner turned part of their kitchen into a dining space with a table that can be retracted when it is not in use.

6. Patterned Floors

Traditional carpet or tile is often reserved for casual spaces like bedrooms and family rooms. But, patterned flooring has become increasingly popular in kitchens because it makes the space feel open and inviting.

7. Industrial Design

Industrial design features are common in homes that take cues from Shaker, farmhouse, or modern country styles. Items like exposed beams, stone countertops, and pendant lighting add to this design style.

8. Style and Colors

Kitchens are no longer only beige or white. The design possibilities are endless with all different colors ranging from light pink to deep purple.

9. Simplicity and Minimalism

Simplicity is the new norm in kitchen design. Instead of having multiple cabinets, islands, sinks, etc., there is one streamlined look that allows more space.


Well, there you have it. These are the most popular kitchen design trends for 2022. These designs will not appeal to everyone throughout this country, but they also may not be a fad that goes out like cupcake shops and cronuts did after a few years.