Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

So you want to renovate your kitchen because it is outdated, not functional, needs more space, or your home has been damaged by fire or water leaks. At Prime Kitchens and More, we make it our mission to provide our clients with high-end renovation services. We understand that doing a renovation can be a stressful time and you can be without the use of a high traffic area of your home for quite some time. It is for these reasons that we pride ourselves on our professional workmanship and customer service. If you are thinking about doing a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation in your home, then you should schedule an initial consultation with Prime Kitchens and More and a member of our design team today. Our designers are very experienced and have the vision and access to a large selection of suppliers and vendors that can be utilized to bring your kitchen or bathroom design ideas to life!

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Meet with our designers

Our clients can come to our showroom for their initial consultation or we can visit you at your location as well. We make it easy for our clients to meet with a designer from our team to discuss their idea for their dream kitchens and bathrooms!

Make a plan

During your initial consultation with a Prime Kitchens and More designer, you will be able to map out your ideas for how you want your kitchen or bathroom to look. You can talk about your budget for the job, what materials and fixtures you like, what you don’t like, and even see and feel some of our design options in our showroom. Once your initial consultation is done, you will be able to get a feel for how the process will go and gain confidence knowing that you are in the best hands possible.

Your initial consultation with a designer from Prime Kitchens and More is meant to help you map out your design ideas and speak with a professional about them. At Prime Kitchens and More, we will hold your hand through the entire renovation or remodelling process, and make sure that your new kitchen or bathroom turns out exactly how you envisioned it!