bathroom vanities

Bathroom Vanities

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 Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? If this is the case, one of the first choices you’ll have to make is what kind of vanity to incorporate into the room. There are many different styles of bathroom vanities, ranging from traditional to modern and the style you choose is determined by the style of the room as well as your personal taste.


Bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities

How to choose the perfect bathroom vanity for your home

When it comes to bathroom vanities, there are a vast variety of options available to pick from, including different styles, sizes, and materials. At Prime Kitchens and More, options are endless.

Your personal tastes in terms of design and the size of your bathroom should both play a role in determining the kind of bathroom vanity you go with.

Freestanding vanities, wall-mounted vanities, and corner vanities are the three most prevalent forms of bathroom vanities.

The most common sort of vanity is the freestanding variety since it provides the greatest number of aesthetic options.

Wall-mounted vanities are a great option for small bathrooms, as they take up less space. In order to make the most of the space in a small bathroom, corner vanities are an excellent choice.


5 Tips for picking the perfect bathroom vanity


  1. Who is going to use your bathroom vanity unit?

You’re certain to have varied demands depending on whether you live alone, with a spouse, or with a large, happy family, so be sure you know what you need before you click the buy button.

Unlike in the past, modern homes have many types of bathrooms that have a variety of purposes. If you have kids, a shared bathroom may also be available in addition to the master bathroom and a separate bathroom for visitors.

It’s vital to consider the sort of bathroom you’re creating or upgrading when picking furnishings because each one may require a different bathroom vanity unit.


  1. Determine the location of your plumbing.

Did you know depending on where your plumbing is, it will affect where your bathroom vanity units go?

Your plumbing will affect the type of vanity you select because it takes time and money to make adjustments to it. For example, a free-standing vanity works well in bathrooms with a typical plumbing layout. On the other hand, a wall-hung vanity requires moving your sink’s plumbing connections.

Moving your plumbing is not impossible, though – it just depends on what you want and the budget you have set aside for this.


  1. How much room does your bathroom have?

It is always possible to update your bathroom aesthetic.

There are other elements that you must consider when deciding where to place your vanity and what shape and size you need to consider buying. If you decide to contact Prime Kitchens and More, we can assist with this decision.

Decide how the door swings open, how the shower cubicle door opens, how far you want the vanity from the toilet to be, whether the vanity cupboard doors can be opened, and whether the positioning of the vanity makes it challenging to use the bathroom.

Try to picture the size and placement of your vanity using a substitute, such a box. After that, take the appropriate measurements of the space where you intend to place it.

Using an experienced contractor will ensure that the layout and design are planned out meticulously with comfort and beauty being the key elements.


  1. Estimate how much storage you’ll require.

The storage space provided by bathroom vanities is excellent for storing bathroom necessities.

However, you must first consider the space and size you’ve selected, as previously mentioned, before getting overly enthused about the storage. You might need to make a few adjustments along the way, depending on the amount of room you have and the items you wish to store.

For instance, you might not be able to fit the plumbing for the sink and three columns of drawers. You might need to mix and match a few things here.


  1. Select the bathroom vanity unit’s style, tone, and color.

Bathroom vanity units, which are used frequently every day, need to be bought with long-term wear and tear in mind, just like all other furniture in your home.

Determine how these will blend with the bathroom’s design, tone, and color. Think about the size and shape of the sink, the counter, the cabinet, the faucets, and even the extras like the cupboard handle.


All this and more can be discussed with our experienced and determined staff at Prime Kitchens and More for additional options and designs.